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GET IT RIGHT (words and music by Jack Betty)

This time I’m gonna get it right. Practiced a thousand times.
So smooth and perfect …. ooh ….going down in history.
Black boots, leather jacket. Tonight, pure magic.
She’s gonna stop….. and put her hands on me.

That’s when I’ll break out that melody
that makes her want to dump him and marry me.
I got that beat. She’ll feel it in her body.
Oh! Let’s get it started tonight.

All I need is half a chance.
Just give me one dance
and by the end I know you’ll be
begging for more.
All the other men in view … trying to get their hands on you …
ain’t gonna have a chance because we’re gonna own the dance floor.

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh … hands in the air
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh… get over here
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh … tonight it’s me and you.
Tell me what you want me to do.

When it all shuts down … we’re gonna crash out that door
like we own that town… ooh. What are we waiting for?
Everybody’s gonna stare …cause they ain’t never seen
anyone like you and me … oh yeah

Got my strut just right.
I can work it all night.
But that ain’t gonna happen when that beat starts she’s gonna be walking
straight to me… oh yeah! … Grabbing me by the neck
Pulling me in so close that I don’t even know what’s happening.

Tonight I’m gonna get it right