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CAN’T CRY TO ME (words and music by Jack Betty)

Beat! Shoved down onto the ground last night.
He said “you’re dead if you make a sound”
So you prayed someone would bust through that door
Far too terrified to open your mouth.

You can’t imagine anything any worse. Your makeup hides the pain.
Cover it with that jacket. No one will know, but you still can’t hide the shame. No!

You have pushed me down the last time. When you fall asleep tonight-
I won’t be there, your ego to feed.
I don’t need it.
I won’t take it. No!

That jet engine purr finally puts me to sleep -flying high over Mexico.
I took nothing! You took everything.
I’m starting over in Santiago.

I will not stand here waiting.
I’m so sick of second place and
I don’t care what your future brings as long as I’m not in it.
Do you feel like a man when you beat me till I’m bleeding?
Little boy, find your Mama.
You can’t cray to me no longer!

As that sun began to light up the sky
He realized the one he enslaved had escaped!
He’d never find someone half as good as you.
Nothing could contain his rage.