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The Jack Betty Story

“Singer/songwriter Jack Betty is truly passionate about his art and his delivery”
– Marc Urselli (3-Time Grammy Award Winning Producer)

Self-taught and incorporating a wide range of styles, sounds, and atmospheres from multiple genres, the powerfully emotional and stunningly passionate music of “Jack Betty” contains an inspiring mix of influences from Beethoven to modern day pop/rock. 

Wildly musically innovative David Bryant Nolan (known under the stage name “Jack Betty”) discovered his strong connection to the piano early in life, performing original piano compositions publicly, beginning in the 6th grade. 

With his determined attitude and intense capacity to learn, Jack Betty continued to explore freedom of expression via extensive songwriting across multiple instruments and genres.  Betty formed a pop-punk rock band in middle school, where he was the front man and lead guitar player.  The band played in many venues throughout the Western United States over the ensuing years and even landed a gig on the Vans Warped Tour. 

After serving a two-year volunteer service outreach mission, Betty feared he could never support a growing family on a “musician’s salary” and put his same high-level grit and determination into his school studies, completing both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business, while working full-time.  There is only one thing Betty loves more than music and that's spending time with his family.  Betty and his beautiful wife Alexis are the proud (and busy) parents of six wonderful children.  
Jack Betty’s signature Piano-Driven Rock™ sound is authentic, original, and bold.  His frequent and rapid piano arpeggios, hand/arm crossovers, and full utilization of the entire piano keyboard stun piano enthusiasts and audiences.  Meanwhile, aggressive, yet crystal-clear, pop-rock vocal tones, often spanning multiple octaves in single songs, combine to make his custom Piano-Driven Rock™ style an unforgettable experience for his listeners.  

Last, in an effort to not leave "non piano lovers" out of the mix, Betty incorporates modern pop instrument sounds (and even some EDM and reggae).  Truly, there's a Jack Betty song for EVERYONE!